Work From Home Newsletter: Edition 9

Coworking spaces reduce social isolation

In the latest work-from-home news is the growth of coworking as an alternative to the isolation and loneliness of working from home. AI still in the news, as is the conversation around reskilling employees in India and abroad and the growth of the gig economy spawns new platforms.


Many professionals have said goodbye to the traditional 9-5 job and are becoming freelancers to be able to work when and where they want. Many people even find the gig lifestyle preferable to a more traditional career path.

Successful freelancers know how to take inventory of their skills,

My Interview On Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs With Sangeeta Kumar Of Diginekt

Priya Florence Shah Interview

When Diginekt published their Social Media Survey Report for Indian Market 2019 – Edition 1, to my happy surprise, I was listed as one of the Most Followed Indian Digital Marketers with 12.79% of my digital marketing peers naming me as one of the digital marketers they follow.

Most Followed Indian Digital Marketers

Having only just heard about Diginekt, I started chatting with their evangelist Sangeeta Kumar, Senior VP at GMR Web Team, who also happens to host a free digital marketing course on Udemy.

On learning about my Work From Home course and career coaching services,

Work From Home Newsletter: Edition 8

coworking spaces

In the latest work from home news is the heartwarming finding that freelancers are happier, new gig economy platforms, benefits of coworking and more.


According to research newly compiled by ReportLinker, what has become known as the “gig economy” is slowly but surely becoming more and more attractive to traditional workers.

In this new survey, 76% of American professionals declared being convinced that freelancers are happier than traditional workers.

This feeling of happiness is much more shared than it was in the 2017 version of the research (+11 pts),

Work From Home Newsletter: Edition 7

Work From Home Newsletter7

In the latest work from home news is the future of jobs, a new AI course, and creating a better experience for remote workers through both, technology and legislation.


Here are 4 remote work predictions for 2019:

  1. Communication will diversify and organizations will bring together multiple tools and technologies, offering them both to in-house workers and remote employees.
  2. In 2019, a number of remote working solutions will come into play even at the centralized office space.
  3. Even as AI continues to make deeper inroads into the way we work and communicate with each other,

Work From Home Newsletter: Edition 6

Artificial Intelligence AI Robot

The recent news on the future of work is rather disturbing, with many experts now warning that automation may not quite bring the benefits to workers that we were told it will.

This means, more than ever, we need to take responsibility for our future in our own hands. Don’t trust the government or the private sector to be there for you. If you’re in a low-paying, a menial or low-skill job that can easily be automated, this will affect you even more.

The Solution: Learn how to create your own economy by acquiring new skills and creating a personal brand for yourself.

Work From Anywhere Newsletter: Edition 5

Artificial Intelligence

Here’s your new Work From Anywhere Newsletter

In this edition of the Work From Anywhere Newsletter, the conversation in Davos is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Future of Work, and the reskilling of millions of workers that will be required to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Research on coworking spaces show that these shared, member-based workspaces where remote corporate workers, startup employees, freelancers, and others “work alone together” can substantially reduce the isolation and loneliness associated with remote work.

Independent workers should also consider coworking.

Work From Anywhere Newsletter: Edition 4

Working From Home

Udemy Republic Day Sale

In this edition of your Work From Anywhere Newsletter, flexible working and higher education are in the news. See online education trends, my WFA Course and 2 free events.


Increasingly, employers see that allowing remote work and empowering mobile employees is good for talent acquisition and retention, morale and productivity. Read more.

According to a Deloitte study, nearly 75 per cent of Millennials believe that a “work from home” or “work remotely” policy is important. Time to get that home office ready.

Flexible working helps more people access the labour market and stay in work,

New Course Teaches How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance Without The Nine-To-Five

Work From Anywhere Course

For Immediate Release:

New Course Teaches How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance Without The Nine-To-Five

11th January 2019; Pune, India: New work-from-anywhere course teaches moms, dads, remote workers and freelancers, legitimate ways to earn good money working from home.

‘Anywhere Worker’ has come to define the new generation of workers who won’t be tied to any one place, the ones who want to experience the work-from-anywhere life.

Today many people are looking for a better work-life balance. They’re tired of the commute and want to choose where they’d like to work from.

An Upwork study revealed that 73% of Gen Zers started freelancing by choice rather than out of necessity.

Work From Anywhere Newsletter: Edition 3

Work From Anywhere Course

Here’s your new Work From Anywhere Newsletter


The gig economy is expected to cover 25-30% of the job market by 2022. Over a period of time, there will be more and more full-time gig professionals and organisations will also have 30-40% of their jobs assigned for them.

Some of the top paying gig jobs are in the blockchain, deep learning, ethical hacking, AWS and robotics where the per hour rate is $80-120.

In India, content writing, translations, creative works, recruitment, sales, digital marketing, branding, SW development, architecture, BIM, accounting, data analytics, consulting,