New Course Teaches How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance Without The Nine-To-Five

Work From Anywhere Course

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New Course Teaches How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance Without The Nine-To-Five

11th January 2019; Pune, India: New work-from-anywhere course teaches moms, dads, remote workers and freelancers, legitimate ways to earn good money working from home.

‘Anywhere Worker’ has come to define the new generation of workers who won’t be tied to any one place, the ones who want to experience the work-from-anywhere life.

Today many people are looking for a better work-life balance. They’re tired of the commute and want to choose where they’d like to work from.

An Upwork study revealed that 73% of Gen Zers started freelancing by choice rather than out of necessity. According to hiring managers, the number of people expected to work remotely in the next 10 years is only going to grow.

Studies have also shown that flexible workers work more effectively than those working a traditional ‘nine-to-five’ and benefit from feeling happier and less stressed.

But, unless the organisation you work for is willing to let you work remotely, most people have a hard time making the transition from full-time work to a work-from-home position.

They don’t know how to get started or what types of jobs are available for someone with their skills. Even worse, they don’t know how to tell legitimate work-from-home options from the scams.

Priya Florence Shah, the publisher of, a magazine for Indian women, knows this all too well. When she started working online in 2001, there were far too many scams and very few genuine work-from-home opportunities.

As she built her blogs and digital marketing business over the years, one of the questions she was asked most often was, “How can I work from home?”

In answer to her readers’ questions, she created a work-from-home course and coaching practice. As Ms Shah says, “Thanks to the internet, there is no lack of opportunity or limit to your earnings today. There is only lack of imagination.”

Her course, called, “Work From Anywhere: A Guide to Remote Jobs for Work From Home Moms & Dads, Digital Nomads & Freelancers,” lists over 35 of the best ‘work-from-anywhere’ careers.

All of these remote jobs are completely legitimate and some require very basic skills and no experience. The “always-updated” course also outlines the pros and cons of working remotely and provides a huge list of remote job boards.

Ms Shah also provides a Bonus 1-hour Work-From-Home Strategy Session to those who purchase lifetime access to the course. This coaching session helps students figure out their options, set a goal, and create a strategy to achieve it.

She also offers a Free Work-From-Home Checklist to help find out how prepared you are to start working from home. This checklist contains the basic requirements that a lot of remote jobs require, plus three legitimate work-from-anywhere careers with different skill levels.

The work-from-anywhere course and checklist can be accessed at

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