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The gig economy is expected to cover 25-30% of the job market by 2022. Over a period of time, there will be more and more full-time gig professionals and organisations will also have 30-40% of their jobs assigned for them.

Some of the top paying gig jobs are in the blockchain, deep learning, ethical hacking, AWS and robotics where the per hour rate is $80-120.

In India, content writing, translations, creative works, recruitment, sales, digital marketing, branding, SW development, architecture, BIM, accounting, data analytics, consulting, counselling, are typical gig jobs.

Want to be a gig worker? Consider these realities before taking the plunge. As a gig worker, you are running a business (which is you) and all the frills attached to business come with it. You are not going to be as free as you think you will.

Your clients are your employers, and as a gig worker, the responsibility of all the areas of business like business development, marketing, managing client, contracts, finance, and so on, solely lies on you. Managing this takes time and upskilling – time away from work that you love doing and getting paid.

A Upwork study revealed that 73% of Gen Zers started freelancing by choice rather than out of necessity. Gen Z is foregoing traditional, corporate roles and freelancing by choice more than any other generation.

In the Upwork survey, 60% of small businesses’ hiring managers said remote work is more commonplace than three years ago. Five times as many hiring managers expect more of their team to work remotely in the next 10 years, and 38% said their full-time, permanent employees will work mostly remotely.

It used to be that people moved to different cities and states based on the availability of jobs and the type of industries that were present in these locations. In the future, this won’t be a huge factor.  As the internet and cloud technology continues to grow location will no longer be an issue.

Remote working will become the norm, which will give people more flexibility to work and live where they please. By 2027, there will be an astonishing 86.5 million freelancers, compared to just 83.4 million non-freelancers.

Already, roughly one in three college graduates are underemployed. The vast majority of jobs, even into 2025, will not require a college education. In fact, since around 2000, jobs have started to become deskilled.

Have you wondered what new job roles the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics will throw up in the near future? In a study Cognizant, the IT major listed 21 roles that will emerge in the next 10 years and that will be central to the future of work.  This should serve as a wake-up call for graduates in India who are anyway in dire need for re-skilling.

“We are now in the transitional stage of employers gradually reducing their prejudice in the hiring of those who studied at a distance, and moving in favour of such ‘graduates’ who, in the workplace, demonstrate greater proactiveness, initiative, discipline, collaborativeness – because they studied online.”

Imagine artificially intelligent software that can scan and analyze your online profile. Then imagine it creating a score — a risk rating — that’s searchable by future employers. It’s scary, and now a reality.

Women are disproportionately affected by the automation of jobs and development of artificial intelligence, which could widen the gender gap if more women are not encouraged to enter the fields of science, technology and engineering, the World Economic Forum warned.

The UK government has introduced a package of workplace reforms to protect workers on zero-hour contracts, agency employees or “gig economy” workers. Under the new legislation, staff would have to be told details of their rights from their first day in a job, including eligibility for paid and sick leave. Workers would also be given the right to request more predictable hours.

Flexible workers claim to work more effectively than those working a traditional ‘nine-to-five’ and benefit from feeling happier and less stressed. However, there are drawbacks, which include missing out on their workplace’s social life and feeling lonelier.

In this connected world, all many people need to work is a laptop and a stable internet connection, which can be found in many places other than the office environment.

Great communities and relationships can be built via video conference and companies that understand how to make room for remote workers will continue to attract those that are highly skilled, think organically and oftentimes outside the box and who desire new experiences.

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