Work From Anywhere Newsletter: Edition 5

Artificial Intelligence

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In this edition of the Work From Anywhere Newsletter, the conversation in Davos is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Future of Work, and the reskilling of millions of workers that will be required to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Research on coworking spaces show that these shared, member-based workspaces where remote corporate workers, startup employees, freelancers, and others “work alone together” can substantially reduce the isolation and loneliness associated with remote work.

Independent workers should also consider coworking. They often benefit even more than company employees from the social aspects of coworking and find that the professional networking opportunities help to generate new business. Read more.

The conversation in Davos is all about the future of work for humans in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). AI will require reskilling millions of workers and will significantly shape the future of work. Read more.

The rapid proliferation of automation technologies like AI, robotic process automation (RPA) and robotics are resulting in rapid and significant changes in skill requirements; discounting some skills that have existed for hundreds of years and placing premiums on others. Read more.

As artificial intelligence becomes both more useful and more widespread, workers everywhere are becoming anxious about how a new age of automation might affect their career prospects. Future-proofing your career is less about picking a safe job and more about constantly updating your skills throughout your career. Read more.

In the last 25 years, how we work has changed radically. The mobile phone has probably been responsible for making us all hyper-connected and that, in turn, has made talent boundary-less. The world is now the marketplace for talent. Career 3.0 will be about the bulk of the workforce becoming gig workers and operating outside the payroll of an employer.

This workforce will come to the marketplace with multiple skills and offer it to multiple buyers and paid at different rates depending on the level of proficiency. This model will allow people to bring in all their skills, education and hobbies to the marketplace and monetise it. Read more.

The gig economy has many positive aspects and it also has negative aspects. As we move into this future of work, which is coming because of technology, we have to understand that this relationship between employer and employee is going to change, particularly in the informal sector. We must recognise this especially for countries like India, where 93% of all our workers are in the informal sector. Read more.

Employees will move away from being skill-focused. Workplace skills that were once valuable, such as fluency in a specific digital platform, will soon become irrelevant. Instead, the core principles that make one a professional in their field will carry increased weight. In the new workplace, there will be no need for paper-pushing employees. The workplace of the future will allow for human abilities to truly shine. Read more.

The Nova mobile office pod supports the flexible working needs of the modern nomad with fast wifi, a minibar and a daily changing view. Fully fitted out with fast wifi, a smart television, an Apple TV, a printer, whiteboard, coffee machine, mini-fridge, charging station, power points, a bathroom and running water, the pod can support a handful of digital nomads at a time. Read more.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty says that as automation continues apace the skills gap and job insecurity fears are real. She wants to see the development of a new education and career model: new collar, not blue-collar or white collar.

This means investing in skills development and responding in real-time to the changing skills landscape. It also means breaking free from traditional models of recruiting those with 4-year and advanced degrees. Read more.

Linkedin’s Emerging Jobs Report found that AI skills in the workforce grew 190% from 2015 to 2017. Six of the 15 emerging jobs identified in the report are related in some way to AI. Read more.


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