Work From Home Newsletter: Edition 7

Work From Home Newsletter7

In the latest work from home news is the future of jobs, a new AI course, and creating a better experience for remote workers through both, technology and legislation.


Here are 4 remote work predictions for 2019:

  1. Communication will diversify and organizations will bring together multiple tools and technologies, offering them both to in-house workers and remote employees.
  2. In 2019, a number of remote working solutions will come into play even at the centralized office space.
  3. Even as AI continues to make deeper inroads into the way we work and communicate with each other, remote workers will be managed and monitored by AI-driven platforms.
  4. Augmented and virtual reality will help transform how projects are envisioned, planned, and prototyped – given its life-like simulation capabilities.

The workforce of the future will be almost unrecognizable. If your job can be replaced by AI, it will — and you’ll need a new career.

Doctors won’t be spared, as sophisticated robotics will take away some of the surgeons’ operating responsibilities. An older doctor with shaky hands will be dispensed with and replaced by a robot that does not need breaks or sleep.

Reading x-rays to detect cancerous cells and other diseases will be viewed by AI that could spot things much better than the human eye. Driverless vehicles, kiosks in fast food restaurants and self-help quick-phone scans at stores will eliminate minimum wage and low-skilled jobs.

Since people will live to their 90s and beyond, people will be forced to work longer into their late 70s. Many will be healthy enough, but most need the income. You will have many different careers in your lifetime due to the rapid-shifting work landscape.  The gig economy will become the standard for most people.

Those who care for the elderly and seniors in all facets of their lives will greatly benefit. General practitioner and age-related specialist doctors, nurses, financial advisors, hospices, old-age homes, physical therapists and surgical enhancement specialists will thrive as the ageing will be in dire need of their services.

Coders and computer engineers will be the great beneficiary of this trend — until AI can learn to code as well as or better than humans. But AI is not only for engineers.

A brand new course, Andrew Ng’s AI for Everyone is the AI training course for business professionals. Though this course is largely non-technical, engineers can also take this course to learn the business aspects of AI.

Since setting up shop as a content creator on the freelance marketplace Upwork in 2009, Ayman Sarosh, who is also a mom, has been able to work from her home in Islamabad, Pakistan while taking care of her household responsibilities, too.

She’s enjoyed her work so much she’s provided training to her local community in how to freelance – finding that it inspires others to go into business for themselves, too.

It’s still early days, but employers are beginning to roll out programs aimed at helping older workers move into a different phase of their careers without clocking out altogether.

Nearly half of respondents allow their retired employees who are collecting benefits to work as consultants or contingent workers, and that’s expected to reach 60% by 2020.

New Belgian legislation has clarified and improved protection for teleworkers who are the victim of a workplace accident or an accident on the way to work. In spite of the increasing popularity of remote or ‘teleworking’, until recently, Belgian work‑related accident legislation had not been adjusted to reflect this.

A parenting room at coworking space, WeWork, allowed Andi Chatterton to be in two places at once. She could attend meetings and oversee product development with her team while sporadically using the dimly-lit room to breastfeed her newborn.

In the future, employers will be able to monitor our work by seeing how many keystrokes or phone calls we make. Your future world of work might be much more self-directed. Workers will solve problems and change things themselves, which potentially means there is a need for fewer managers and flatter hierarchies.

Do you ever wonder how to create a human workplace in an increasingly freelance, remote, contingent, and gigged-out world? The last surgeon general study found that the biggest health risk is not smoking, second-hand smoke, or even sitting. It’s loneliness and isolation.

Companies need to leverage all that’s great about technology, but also make sure that employees put technology in its “place” to develop real, human connections.

Kristen Brown stressed three key factors for women to build a “personal brand” through experience, exposure and excellence. Every working professional should maintain an updated LinkedIn profile and professional social media presence. Appearance, both online and in public, is vital to maintaining personal presentation she said.


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Who Benefits From The Gig Economy, New AI Course, Remote Work Tips For Women

Work From Anywhere Newsletter: Edition 2

Work From Home Mom

In this edition of the Work From Anywhere Newsletter, read the WFA news for this week, check out articles from my blogs, try my new Work From Home Course, and register for the upcoming Freelancing Webinar.


  • Here’s one more reason for older workers to consider a work-from-home career. Ageism at work began at 40 for women and 45 for men. Many employees’ careers peaked at these ages; they were no longer considered for promotion or training. Read more.
  • Automation is set to make many jobs defunct in the not-so-distant future. The World Economic Forum (WEF) Jobs of the Future 2018 Report warns that “routine-based, middle-skilled white-collar roles – such as data entry clerks, accounting and payroll clerks, secretaries, auditors, bank tellers and cashiers” are at risk of automation. Here are five emerging roles that are set to grow, according to the WEF. Read more.
  • Digital, robotics and AI will lead to job losses of about 5 million. Men will get one new job out of the three jobs they lose; women, on the other hand, will get only one job out of the five jobs they are losing. Read more.
  • Research by BBVA says that by 2030, individuals will cease to have permanent jobs and there will be an increased rise of freelancers. According to the Future Workforce Study by Dell and Intel, 80% millennials agreed that if workplace technology isn’t up to their standard, they would consider quitting. So what are the key indicators of a smart workplace defined by them—real-time collaboration with co-workers and accommodating work from anywhere! Read more
  • Flexible working that allows employees to work from home may reduce the levels of carbon dioxide emissions by 214 million tonnes per year by 2030, according to a study by Regus, a leading global workspace provider. Read more.
  • WeWork’s India arm plans to double the coworking space it offers in the country to 6 million square feet in 2019 and expand its presence to cities including Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad by the end of next year. Read more.
  • The Wing, a startup which provides a network of work and community spaces for women, has gained the backing of Airbnb, WeWork and Sequoia Capital in its latest funding round. Read more.
  • We will all need to become lifelong learners. Depending on industry and geography, between one-half and two-thirds of companies are likely to turn to external contractors, temporary staff and freelancers to address their skills gaps. Read more.
  • Work is changing, so to stay ahead you’ll need to master these skills that you probably didn’t learn in college. Being successful means setting yourself apart, and you’ll need a personal brand that defines who you are and who you want to become. That involves building a reputation, trust, and a following. These are the 5 “super skills” you need for jobs of the future. Read more.
  • Recently, it has been noticed that a majority of freelance graphic designers in India are from tier II & tier III cities. Freelancing as a career is lucrative and provides a measure of personal satisfaction. Read more
  • By 2022 9% of the Indian workforce will be in new jobs which do not exist today. 37% would be in jobs which will radically change skill sets. Entrepreneurs will include new mothers who want more time at home and 75% more females than males prefer working from home. Read more.
  • As technology seeps into everything from teaching to manufacturing, skilled workers with two-year degrees in computer science, cybersecurity and software development are increasingly in demand – and supply is struggling to keep up. Read more.


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