Work From Home Career Counselling Online

A Guide to Remote Jobs for Work-From-Home Moms & Dads, Gig Workers & Freelancers

This course shows moms, dads, and freelancers how to earn a living working from home or anywhere in the world. It lists over 35 of the best ‘work from anywhere’ careers and over 75 remote work job boards and shows you how to kick-start your work from home career.

Have you ever said, “I want to work from home,” or wondered, “How can I work from anywhere?” or thought “I want to work remotely” or “I want to travel and work“?

You’re not alone.

Anywhere Worker’ has come to define the new generation of workers who won’t be tied to any one place. The ones who want to experience the work from anywhere life.

This always-updated course lists over 35 of the best ‘work from anywhere’ careers and remote work jobs for work-at-home moms and dads, digital nomads, and freelancers. Some of these work from anywhere jobs require few skills and no experience.

You’ll learn about the benefits and disadvantages of working from anywhere and access a huge list of work from anywhere jobs boards to help you earn money from that hammock on the beach.

You CAN work from anywhere in the world and this course will show you how to work from anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Here are the topics covered in this course:

  • The Pros & Cons Of Work From Anywhere Jobs
  • What Investment Do You Require For Work From Anywhere Jobs?
  • How To Avoid Work From Home Scams
  • Over 35 Legitimate Work From Anywhere Careers
  • A Huge List Of Work From Anywhere Job Boards
  • 7 Proven Steps to Kick-Start Your Work From Anywhere Career (Webinar Replay & Transcript)
  • How To Start Your Freelance Business In 2019 (Webinar replay with Sagan Morrow)
  • Work From Home Resources & Courses
  • 2 Personal Branding eBooks

To access the Work From Anywhere course you would have to pay $14/month or INR 999/month. This adds up to $168 or almost INR 12,000 annually.

And the price will go up as I add more modules and webinars to the course. But if you lock in your membership with lifetime access, you’ll have to pay a fraction of that.

When you purchase lifetime access to the Work From Anywhere course, you also get a complimentary 2-hour Work From Home Career Counselling session with me.

My Work From Anywhere Course provides all the resources you need to start earning a living working from home and is the perfect complement to my work from home career counselling services.

Because I believe that both emotional and financial independence is important, I am bundling all my courses as part of the Devi2Diva™ 4-Course Bundle, giving you access to all 4 of my courses for the price of one.

Here are the 4 courses included in the bundle:

  • Devi2Diva™ online course
  • Work From Anywhere course + 2-hour Work From Home Coaching Session
  • How To Blog 101 online course
  • Master of Your Fate Meditation

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To get the best results from your 2-hour work-from-home career counselling session, I would recommend spreading them over 2 or 4 sessions over 1 to 2 months, so we can track your progress and goals.

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