Work From Home Newsletter: Edition 8

In the latest work from home news is the heartwarming finding that freelancers are happier, new gig economy platforms, benefits of coworking and more.


According to research newly compiled by ReportLinker, what has become known as the “gig economy” is slowly but surely becoming more and more attractive to traditional workers.

In this new survey, 76% of American professionals declared being convinced that freelancers are happier than traditional workers.

This feeling of happiness is much more shared than it was in the 2017 version of the research (+11 pts), which shows that this alternative working life may be more and more attractive.

Top reasons for being a freelance worker are still the same compared to 2017:

  • being one’s’ own boss (27%)
  • having flexible working hours (21%) and
  • having a better balance between work and personal life (15%)

On the other side, aspects such as the lack of financial security (23%), or job security (21%) are part of what drive freelance workers back. Saving for one’s retirement is also worrying for them (23%).

The consulting firm, PwC, has launched a gig economy platform that allows people to offer their skills for hire without working traditional hours. The Flexible Talent Network allows interested parties to list their skills and preferred work pattern when they apply.

They can state a preference to work shorter weekly working hours or work for a few months a year on a project basis. The company will then match recruits to relevant projects rather than specific roles.

More than 2,000 people have registered with the network so far in the two weeks since it was launched. PwC decided to launch the platform after almost half of respondents to a survey said they would prioritise flexible working hours and work-life balance when choosing a job.

Workplace scenarios and trends are constantly changing. In such a dynamic environment, naturally one needs to adapt and imbibe newer and more relevant skills. From technology-related to people-oriented skills, here are the top skills you must acquire to up your career game this year.

The on-demand talent networks that aggregate communities of gig workers tell us that up to 70% or more of their engagement with companies happens at the director level or lower, rather than as a top-down directive from the C-Suite.

This is a missed opportunity for company leadership, and something worth looking into. It could be smart business to formalize the process of working with the gig economy if this is happening within your organization.

With many jobs disappearing, workers might have to accept stultifying, underpaid “clickwork”, or employment that is managed by surveillance technologies or manipulative software.

The traditional workplace of 9-5 stability might disappear, replaced by a “gig economy” in which workers, at the mercy of apps, jump at every opportunity to earn some money. And social life as we know it might be disrupted by unpredictable schedules and fractured colleague networks.

Flexible working arrangements can be key to acquiring talent and boosting morale as long as remote-based working arrangements are managed properly.

But managing people from afar is completely different from managing face-to-face, raising significant concerns over the success of flexible working unless new principles are adopted.

Workers expect conference calls and virtual meetings to become more common over the coming five years, with face-to-face meetings being the only form of business interaction that respondents expect to become less frequent.

Coworking continues to rise in popularity worldwide, but when it comes to gender, it’s become clear that the spaces aren’t always so balanced. The majority of coworking spaces have a masculine tech-focused culture – some have even dubbed it “broworking” – that many women do not find engaging or inclusive.

Technology will kill the 9-to-5 work week, says Richard Branson. The 40-hour work week stems from labour laws created in the early 20th century, and many have said this model is becoming increasingly obsolete. The billionaire entrepreneur predicts the rise of technology will soon force society to rethink the modern work week.

Working from home may be more economical, but it does have its downsides like disturbance from the family, the lure of getting laid back and the non-professional ambience in case a client wants to drop in etc.

Coworking seems to be a perfect blend of togetherness as well as independence. It saves on cost and is a great place to network.

Working in shared offices also gives you the advantage of having wide access to knowledge from other professionals. You can thus get help when you face any challenges along the way.

This knowledge also opens up a range of opportunities for you to explore as you get ideas from other professionals who are experienced in other areas. It is also a good choice for freelancers and those who work while travelling.

Bangladesh supplies 16% of the world’s online freelance labour – second only to India (Oxford Internet Institute, 2017). As more individuals turn to freelancing, global conversations and key policies are needed to ensure that the gig economy works for everyone and overcomes digital divides associated with gender, age, ethnicity and geographic location.


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Work From Home Newsletter Edition 8

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